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A Friend Like No Other

A Friend Like No Other

The Bordoodle is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after pets. 

The intelligence of the Border Collie when crossed with a Poodle creates a pet that is intelligent, fun-loving and easy to train.  Adding to the bordoodles appeal is the little to no shedding.

A Breeders Life

When asked how I became a breeder I have to start with how I grew up. We lived on a small ranch, they're called Hobby Farms now. 

My father was a hunter, so I was raised with well-trained dogs. I don't ever remember not having a dog.

When it came time for my children to have a dog I started to do my research. What would be the best choice for us? My criteria started with ~ It must be intelligent and ended with little to no shedding please.

The Bordoodle was the perfect match. 

The love affair began....So easy to train, happy to please, never enough cuddling. Now we have two girls who live in our house with us. 

We're new to the breeding business so our enthusiasm and drive to produce beautiful healthy pets is fresh and exciting. 

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

We've taken the time to insure that our puppies and your new family member comes from a long line of healthy dogs.  We have verified lineage for all of our dogs both the sire and our dam.

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